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Genevieve Young

Genevieve Young

I am a life coach specialising in teens and young adults.

I am passionate about helping young people discover the extraordinary in themselves and their lives. What an honour it is to help people reach their dreams and be there for their AHA! moments 🙂

I also have a strong interest in wellness. I help others to find peace and joy within by teaching Sri Sri Yoga for the Art of Living Foundation.  I have found yoga to be a profound yet subtle way to bring calmness and centeredness to everyday living. As a yoga teacher, I am able to teach my coaching clients various stress relieving techniques, including breathing techniques and meditation.

By combining ancient Yogic knowledge with my practical life-coaching skills, I run powerful and dynamic workshops on wellness.

As an individual, I walk the talk. I live my authentic life, which is evident to anyone who comes into contact with me. I made the decision early on to live my own best life, often to the surprise and dismay of friends and family! I have travelled the world, living in a number of countries overseas. I speak several languages and have done many different types of work, from farm work to editing and teaching. Due to this, I have considerable life experience for someone of my age and I am comfortable working with and relating to people of all ages.

I am enthusiastic, young at heart and naturally inspiring to others. I laugh easily and have a knack of making even the worst situation seem a little lighter.

I am a great role model for young people, showing through my actions that it is possible to live your dreams and be yourself.

In terms of education, I hold a comprehensive and recognised Life Coaching Diploma from the Life Coaching Institute of Australia. I also hold a BSc in Psychology (Cum Laude) and an Honours Degree in French Translation.

Lastly, I am a certified Sri Sri Yoga teacher and run Yoga courses for the Art of Living Foundation. See my page on Yoga or visit www.artofliving.org.za

Genevieve Young

Genevieve Young