Life coaching

Extraordinary Life logoGenevieve Young offers life-coaching services for teenagers and young adults.

It is at precisely this stage in life that young people start to ask the big questions like: “Who am I? Where do I fit in?” This is a time of self-discovery when young people solidify their identity and find their place in society, making the transition from childhood into adulthood.

Life coaching is a powerful way to help young people find their way forward in life, whether it be coping with exam stress or choosing a future career.

Life coaching can help young people to blossom during this tricky period in their lives.

What is life coaching?

In a nutshell, Life coaching is an empowering conversation that helps you find your own answers to the big questions in your life.

Through one-on-one sessions with your life coach, you figure out what you want out of life, how to overcome the obstacles that are standing in your way, and how to achieve your goals.

Life coaching is a booming personal development industry all over the world due to its simplicity and quick results. More and more people are beginning to discover just how powerful having your own life coach is to move you forward into the life of your dreams.

A life coach is highly skilled in active listening, reflecting and asking the right questions. A life coach does not have a personal agenda and is not judgemental. Your coach is simply there to support and challenge you to grow as a person.

A life coach does not give advice but rather helps you figure out your own best way forward. Each one of us has a wealth of inner resources to discover and learn to draw from. Your life coach helps you to learn how to do just that.

Genevieve’s primary aim as your life coach is to help you find your best path forward and to impart the skills you need to keep living the life of your dreams! She will walk your path with you for a while and then stand back and watch you take off all on your own 🙂

What are my credentials and experience?

Genevieve Young has more than fifteen years’ experience working with young people as a private tutor, teacher and since July 2010 as a life coach. Due to her ready smile and youthful outlook on life, young people form rapport easily with Genevieve and feel comfortable sharing with her.  She has worked with young people from diverse backgrounds, including teens in France.

Geneveive holds a comprehensive and recognised Life Coaching Diploma from the Life Coaching Institute of Australia. She also holds a BSc in Psychology and Human Physiology Cum Laude and a Postgraduate Certficate in Education Cum Laude.

Cost and duration

Normally six to eight sessions are recommended so that the changes and new ways of being can be cemented. Once-off breakthrough sessions are also possible to tackle a specific challenge.

A 1 hour life-coaching session costs R650. This includes a post-session summary as well as unlimited email and sms support between sessions. If you require that I travel to you, an additional fee may apply.

The post-session summary helps you stay on track to reaching your goals and cements the learnings from each session. It also serves as a record for your progress that will inspire you to keep moving forward.

What’s the next step?

The first step is to contact Genevieve to discuss whether life coaching is the best way forward for your particular situation. An initial face-to-face meeting is recommended.

What if I don’t live in Cape Town?

Telephone coaching is just as effective, and often  more convenient, than face-to-face coaching. Genevieve is happy to coach over the phone using Skype and to find a mutually convenient time to meet online.

Cape Town is in the same time zone as Europe. You can find out what time it is in Cape Town right now at

The cost for international clients is $85/hr. Payments can be made through the safe and internationally recognised PayPal.

Southern African clients pay the local rate of R650/hour.


“Genevieve Young assisted my daughter Lexie with life skills coaching for a number of months. I was most impressed how Gen got Lexie to open up to her. Lexie is usually a very shy and reserved girl, who doesn’t easily share her emotions.

Gen has a very special quality about her, she never judges the children she works with, she nutures and guides them at their own pace. Lexie soaked up her constant encouragements as well as started questioning things that she would normally just have accepted. Her confidence in different areas was very apparent, but obviously this is not something that happens overnight. Life coaching is a journey, and if you Gen helping you along the way, you can be assured your journey will be very successful.”

-Venetia Woodward, parent

“Gen has energy, passion in what she does and is a wonderful open minded woman, with a good sense of humour. We need more teachers like her around!”

Jeanne Schairer, parent